Lock him up!

Adapted from Michael Flynn’s remarks at the RNC.

I’m here tonight as a determined American who loves our country, and my message to you is very clear: wake up America!

There is no substitute for American leadership and exceptionalism. America should not fear our enemies. In fact, we should clearly defined our enemies. Face them head on, and defeat those that seek to threaten our country and our way of life.

Tonight we stand together as proud patriots who deeply love our country and believe in the principles of freedom, democracy, liberty, and fidelity. This is about this country. This is about the future of our children.

We know that America, our nation, is the greatest country in the history of the world,  and that there can never be a substitute for America, and let us sustain the conviction that our country holds a unique place and role in American history. American exceptionalism must never fade.

But now, it is up to us  and you cannot sit this administration out. I stand with you as a citizen and as a patriot, but most importantly, as an American. I stand to tell you that the destructive pattern of putting the interest of other nations ahead of our own will must come to an end.

From this day forward, we must stand tougher and stronger together with an unrelenting goal to seek the truth wherever it may lead, and to never be satisfied with reckless rhetoric from a Trump clone like Michael Flynn.

We must draw from a rich foundation of our founding father’s fight for democracy and lead our friends and allies with more determination than ever before, with conviction in our investigative agencies that pierces through the ideology of any people or any nation that attacks America, America’s way of life, and our proud heritage of honesty and courage.

Tonight, American stands as one; with strength and confidence to overcome the last month of the Trump administration failures. Bumbling indecisiveness, willful ignorance, and total incompetence have challenged the very heart and soul of every American and single-handedly fostered continued mayhem, murder, and destruction throughout the world and on our neighborhoods and streets.

On this day, we start the beginning of a new American century, a time that we turn our heads forward with persistent and relentless focus on protecting our communities, our families and our country by holding individuals accountable for their actions — equally and fairly.

Our new American century does not risk its future on mindless partisan loyalty and senseless tribalism. It is time to recognize our obligation to lead the world with unwavering integrity, renewed strength, and if Congress does its job, we will make America great again!

The Trump-Flynn duo has failed our country by defying America’s exceptionalism and betraying our nation’s history and our Founding Fathers’ revolution. A commander-in-chief does not allow foreign spies to peer into our nation’s secrets. America does not roll over for anyone. We are tired of Trump’s empty speeches and his ranting on Twitter. This has caused the world to have no respect for America’s word.

Let me be clear. Appeasement towards Russia is not a strategy for curbing their aggression as Trump and Flynn would like us to believe. Allowing them to hack our election and place agents within the West Wing will not end the attacks on this country. On the contrary, it simply emboldens the kleptocrats and prolongs their dominion.

Under Donald Trump we have no strategy to protect the country, and so long as Michael Flynn, Carter Page and Paul Manafort continue to influence him, it’ll be more of the same. I am infuriated when I say that our president does not recognize the invasion of the Crimea. I’m certain that we cannot stand strong in this struggle unless we are free to call  foreign meddling by its name: Russian aggression!

Because of Donald Trump’s ill-advised actions, the world has lost faith in American leadership while the threats are mounting. A complete lack of American readiness to face intrusions against our electoral system. Untold cyber threats. Demoralized allies around the world. Growing nuclear capability in China and North Korea, and loss of respect and confidence around the globe.

We have become the best enemies and the worst friends.

These next four years will be consumed by the perils that we now face. The Trump-Flynn list of failed policies goes on and on. We need a commander-in-chief who understands the challenges and is willing to meet them head on.

Our adversaries must never again mock American will power to challenge them, and we must never give them a reason to doubt our resolve to win.

The most damaging example of the President’s failure to understand the consequences of putting political expediency ahead of national security is the placement of a Russia stooge – Michael Flynn – on the National Security Council.

We cannot continue down this path. More lives are at stake. Our way of life is in jeopardy, our very existence is threatened. What keeps me up at night is the sobering realization that evil exists. The subversion of our democratic system by foreign powers should keep us all up at night.

We must take seriously the possibility that these enemies have place agents in the highest offices of our government, and intend to use them. That is a very serious issue. We must understand and define our enemies if we intend to defeat them. Americans deserve no less.

Because Trump chose to conceal the actions of foreign leaders like Vladimir Putin and groups like the hacking collective Cozy Bear, Americans are at a loss to fully understand the enormous threat they pose against us. Now is the time for a leader that is honest and strong, a leader who will stand up for America and make absolutely clear that if you cross their path, you will pay the price.

We do not need a weak, spineless president who is more concerned about tweeting than protecting Americans. We do not need a reckless National Security Advisor who believes he is above the law.

Lock him up!

That is right. That’s right. Lock him up!

I have called on Michael Flynn to admit his crimes, because he has put our nation’s security at extremely high risk through his duplicitous scheming with Russia.

Lock him up!

And you know why I say that? Because if I, a guy who knows his business, if I did a 10th of what he did, I would be in jail today!

Lock him up!

So, traitor Flynn, leave this country now.

He needs to go.


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